Over the past few years, Undergrunn has been hailed as Norway’s most prominent rap group. The six members, Plaza, Rik Pappa, Loverboy, Fretty, Pus, and Marstein, have formed a unique and recognizable sound since they started their musical career at 15.

UG, short for Undergrunn, released their first single on SoundCloud in 2017. The rap group has released three albums, two EPs, a mixtape, and eight singles. In 2022, Undergrunn impressed with their self-titled album “UNDERGRUNN”. In April 2023, the group of 20-year-olds released their third album, “Egoland.” The album already has over 40 million streams and was the most streamed album in Norway for 12 weeks with one week break.

Even though Undergrunn has proved their exceptional talent for making popular Scandinavian music, they are still recognized for keeping their unique touch of mixing genres in their rap. Undergrunn’s members, Rik Pappa, and Loverboy, produce all of their music, uniquely translating the group’s musical vision.

Popular songs like “Italia” and more experimental tracks like the six-minute-long song “LSD” have proved who is Norway’s most sought-after boyband. The six members of Undergrunn have quickly shown fans and critics that they have come to stay.


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